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Courses that are Fun, Futuristic & Affordable


Coding for Kids Courses that are best in the World

We offer courses from, Scratch, MIT App Inventor, Machine Learning etc that are possibly the best in the world.


Over 100 million students from more than 180 countries have taken these courses.


The Hour of Code, is now the largest learning event in the history of mankind.

Our courses align to the CSTA and ISTE, the global standards in Computer Science Education.

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Largest Learning Event in History

  • One Hour introduction to Code

  • Over 9 billion Hour of Codes served

  • Over 100 million students have taken it

  • Global movement in 180+ countries

  • Kids as young as 5 years can start

  • 9 Head of State have written their first line of code in the Hour of Code including President Obama, Prime Minister Trudeau and many more. Logo


Longer Duration Courses that are Super Fun

  • Super fun courses

  • All age groups from Primary to High School

  • For students of classes 1 to 12 and above

  • Courses include popular characters such as Angry Birds, Plants & Zombies, Disney's Frozen, Minecraft, App Lab, Game Lab, Web Lab and AI

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A Programming Language created by MIT to teach Code to young learners

  • For kids from 8 years and above

  • Block based programming language

  • Students can create interactive stories, games and animation

  • Helps students think creatively, reason systematically and work collaboratively

  • Created by Lifelong Kindergarten Group at MIT Media Lab

For more information on our courses, click below.

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Every child should get
an opportunity to learn code


An initiative to teach code to young Indian learners from 6 years and above.

Founded in 2015, CodeTigers was created to provide Indian students in K-12 a platform to prepare them for the future. 

We believe that

  • Education should be Fun

  • Education should be Futuristic

  • Education should be Affordable

We encourage students to learn Computer Science with a strong focus on Code. We believe that every child should spend at least 1 hour each week practicing Code. Our students build strong foundation in code through block based coding platforms such as and Scratch.


CodeTigers is the First International Partner of in India.

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