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The CodeTigers Live Show is India's First Live Coding Show for kids of K-12.


The show live streams every Sunday @ 10 am on Facebook and Youtube.

The show is completely free to join for anyone and from anywhere. No registration is needed.

The student led 60 minute session has a new Hour of Code activity every week along with an older guest. The guest on the show can be from any industry, profession or sector not necessarily tech.


Besides learning a new activity each week, the show allows children to interact with the guests and ask them questions related to their work or experiences. This is uniquely different about the show as it allows young people in school to interact directly with some of the best minds from the industry each week.

The show sees regular participation from kids of all ages, parents, educators and even school principals.

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Episode 1 - Hour of Code with Manav Subodh & Saveer Singh Sheokand

Manav Subodh, CoFounder, 1M1B, is a social entrepreneur and University of California, Berkeley Senior Fellow with over 22 years of experience. A series of events, including his experiences in Cairo during the Arab spring inspired Manav to leave his corporate job in 2015 and start 1M1B (1 Million for 1 Billion). His areas of focus include Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship, AI for Good and Sustainable villages.

Manav is now on to a new challenge, piloting in India and USA, AI for Good platform, to enable youth learn 12 transferrable skills and develop AI solutions to real world problems.

Saveer Singh Sheokand is a Class 8 student of Maxfort School, Dwarka, New Delhi. He has has been learning code for over 5 years and is very good at it. Over the years he has learnt Scratch, MIT App Inventor, Machine Learning, App Development, etc and is now learning to code in Python. Other than code, he loves football and online games. 

Activity - Classic Maze

Recommended Age - 4+

Episode 2 - Hour of Code with Sailesh Singhal & Aakarsh Anand

Sailesh Singhal is the Founder of Youth of India, special accreditation by 2020 United Nations conference - a movement initiated to Empower, Engage and Evolve the young people of India in achieving Sustainable Development Goals through innovative campaigns and discussions.

He is a global youth activist, community mobilizer & strategist advocating for YOUth rights, human rights, gender equality, accountability, transparency and youth engagement in the development discourse. In an effort to endorse inter- governmental, bi-partisan co-operation for egalitarian sustainability, he has been promoting a cohesive framework for sustainable development, transparency & accountability.

Aakarsh Anand is a student of  Bal Bharati Public School, Dwarka, New Delhi and has been learning coding for the last 18 months with us. 

He has learnt many new languages during this time and is currently learning Python. His  hobbies are playing cricket, playing guitar and swimming.

Activity - Minecraft Hero's Journey

Recommended Age - 6+

Episode 3 - App Development Hour of Code with Vidhi Mehta & Kyrene Solanki

Vidhi Mehta is the CTO at Moneyfront, a digital wealth management start-up based out of Mumbai. She comes with over 13+ years of global experience in delivering IT solutions. Vidhi has done her B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign after which she worked in the U.S. for 6+ years with companies like Intel, Accenture & Cox Automotive. Winner of the Women In Tech - Evolving CTO/CIO Award – 2020, Vidhi believes that coding is an essential skill required for our future generation.

Kyrene Solanki is a Class 6 student of  Vasant Valley School, New Delhi. She is an independent thinker and smoothly adapts to new challenges. She loves to code and has recently developed an app for her mother's skin clinics and is already working on another one for her school.

Activity - App Deveopment

Recommended Age - 10+

Episode 4 - AI Hour of Code with Vikas Choudhary & Priyanshu Halder

Vikas Choudhary is the CoFounder and CTO of, India's largest intra-city transportation platform with presence across 8 cities and a customer base exceeding 1 million users. Before Porter, he was an ASIC Engineer at Juniper Networks for 2 years. He has a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Kanpur.

Priyanshu Halder, a 6 year old coding enthusiast is a Grade 2 student of G D Goenka Public School, Dwarka, New Delhi. He started learning robotics at the age of 5 and moved on to learning code with CodeTigers. He thinks code is a great tool to gamify learning & intends to create a variety of coding tasks for young learners in the times to come.

Activity - Artificial Intelligence

Recommended Age - 6+

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"In fifteen years we will be teaching programming just like reading and writing...and wondering why we didn't do it sooner."

-Mark Zuckerberg, Founder, Facebook

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