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CodeTigers is an initiative to make Young India Code Literate

Starting in 2015, CodeTigers has introduced thousands of young K12 learners all across India and abroad to computer science with a focus on coding, artificial intelligence, machine learning, physical computing among others. At any given time, our mentors are working with young kids in all the 6 continents.
CodeTigers is a pioneer in the space and has many unique initiatives to its name. Some of our unique initiatives and reasons why children and parents love us:

  • CodeTigers Live Show - During COVID, we launched CodeTigers Live Show, India’s First Coding Live Stream for Kids. The idea behind the show was to help kids of all ages learn to code each week from the comfort of their homes. The show streamed live each Sunday morning at 10 am on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Each episode featured a young child coder and an older guest who together would try a new Hour of Code activity. The response to the show was amazing with participation from students, parents and educators from all over India and overseas. The show already featured many entrepreneurs, co-founders, CTOs and other industry leaders including Director Research IBM India & South Asia. . Check it out here.

  • The Great Indian Coding Competition - At the beginning of 2021, we conducted one of India’s first coding competition for young learners in K-12 called The Great Indian Coding Competition which saw the participation of thousands of young students from all over India and overseas. The coding competition was unique in its format, where children first learnt the basics of code and then were given a theme based on which they were encouraged to create their projects. The participation was open for all the students from Grades 2 - 8 across 3 different categories. Top 3 students in each category got cash prizes of Rs. 10000, 5000 & 2000 as well as an opportunity to pick up one free course from CodeTigers. The prizes were sponsored by Malpani Ventures. Check out the winners and more about this even here.

  • Starting From Scratch - Even before wrapping up with The Great Indian Coding Competition, we had our eyes set on our next goal. In May 2021, we launched a 10-week world-class coding program focused on the basics of programming with the help of young mentors from India and US. The program was done in partnership with one of our partners in US, STEM Impressionists. During this program, our teams created world class content. The program was absolutely free of cost and allowed thousands of students of all ages learn the basics of code. It was suitable for absolute beginners who had never coded as well as experienced learners who needed more practice. Find our more about this program here.

  • First International Partner of - CodeTigers is proud to be the first international partner of in India and South Asia. is one of the pioneers in the K12 computer science space all around the world. As their international partner, we have always endeavored to provide world-class content to Indian students across all levels and competencies. This partnership gives us a unique perspective of how computer science is being introduced in different countries across the world.

  • One of the Largest Partners of Raspberry Pi Foundation - Raspberry Pi Foundation has been helping young learners in K12 learn computer science along with physical computing devices such as Raspberry Pi, Astro Pi, Pico, etc for many years. We are proud to be associated with them for a few years now and have collaborative projects with them. Today, we are one of their largest partners in India and are growing continuously.

  • World's Best Courses - The curriculum we follow has been designed and created by some of the best minds from top universities and companies of the world such as MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, etc to name a few. These courses are followed by the largest number of students and teachers to teach code, globally.

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