Frequently Asked Questions

What is CodeTigers?

CodeTigers is an initiative to teach Code to Young Indian Learners of all ages. We primarily focus on students from Grades 1 through 12.

How early can the child start?

Globally, kids are learning to code as early as 3 years. At CodeTigers, we have been working with kids from 6 years (Grade 1) and above.

Are there any pre-requisites to learning code?

There are absolutely no pre-requisites to learning code. Anyone can code.

Why should my child learn to code?

Every child should have access to computer science education with special focus on code. Whether the child wants to become a computer engineer, doctor, civil servant, musician or even an artist, technology will impact all professions of the future. Children in school today will graduate from college in 5 to 15 years and the world will be a very different place then. Learning to code will prepare him for that future. Code also helps the child inculcate many life skills such as

  1. Logical thinking
  2. Creativity
  3. Problem solving
  4. Team work
Code is the Future of Education.

Are you associated with any partners?

CodeTigers is the First International Partner of in India.

What is the Hour of Code?

The Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science with a special focus on code. It is the flagship event of and is the largest learning event in the history of mankind. Over 100 million students across 180+ countries have joined this global movement.

Where is CodeTigers located?

CodeTigers has a very modern, kid-friendly studio in Sector 7, Dwarka.

Do I need to give a laptop to my child for coding classes?

Yes, we recommend that the kids bring a laptop/iPad/tablet with updated Chrome or Firefox browsers for their coding classes. Any basic device with the above feature should be fine. We provide free wifi access to all students.

How much time should the child spend coding?

We recommend that the child should not spend more than 1-2 hours in a week practicing code. This helps the child balance his other interests and academics as well as limits his screen time.

Do you give any homework?

Very rarely.

Do you have exams?

No. But we have hackathons, both national and international.

How are the classes conducted?

We believe code is best learnt collaboratively. Our classes are informal and fun where students learn with students of similar ages. The class sizes are deliberately kept small to provide individual attention yet collaborative learning experience.

What are some of the courses you offer?

We offer all the courses from like

  1. Hour of Code - All ages
  2. Pre-reader Express - Grades K-2
  3. CS Fundamentals - Grades K-5
  4. CS Fundamentals Express - Grades 3-12
  5. CS Discoveries - Grades 6-10
  6. CS Priciples - Grades 9-12
We also offer App Lab, Web Lab and Game Lab courses from In addition to these, we offer Scratch courses. Scratch is a programming language created by MIT using which young kids can create stories, games and projects. We also offer specialised courses for middle and high school students like
  1. Machine learning
  2. App development
  3. Website development
  4. Chatbots
  5. Python
We also provide professional learning opportunities for teachers in the above courses.

Do you follow any global standards?

Yes. Our courses align to the CSTA and ISTE, the global standards in Computer Science Education.