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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is CodeTigers?
    CodeTigers is an initiative to teach Code to Young Indian Learners of all ages. We primarily focus is to provide exceptional quality programs for students from Grades 1 through 12. The courses we provide have been created in-line with the gold-standards of computer science education for K12. In our endeavor to pursue excellence, we are partnered with some of the best partners around the world. CodeTigers is the First International Partner of in India and one of the largest partners of Raspberry Pi in India.
  • How early can the child start?
    Children around the world are getting introduced to coding as early as 4 or 5 year olds. Early years are great at introducing the concepts of code and programming to kids. During these years, the focus should be on using the right resources letting the children have fun most importantly not burdening them with any expectations or stereotypes.
  • Are there any pre-requisites to learning code?
    There are absolutely no pre-requisites to learning code. Anyone can start learning code irrespective of their age however the sooner you start the better it is.
  • Why should my child learn to code?
    Every child should have access to computer science education with special focus on code. Whether the child wants to become a computer engineer, doctor, civil servant, musician or even an artist, technology will impact all professions of the future. Children in school today will graduate from college in 5 to 15 years and the world will be a very different place then. Learning to code will prepare him for that future. Code also helps the child inculcate many life skills such as Logical thinking Creativity Problem solving Team work Code is the Future of Education.
  • What are some of the courses you offer?
    We offer all the courses from such as Hour of Code - All ages Pre-reader Express - Grades K-2 CS Fundamentals - Grades K-5 CS Fundamentals Express - Grades 3-12 CS Discoveries - Grades 6-10 CS Priciples - Grades 9-12 We also offer App Lab, Web Lab and Game Lab course from In addition to these, we offer Scratch courses. Scratch is a programming language created by MIT using which young kids can create stories, games and projects. We also offer special course for middle and high school students like Machine learning App development Website development Chatbots Python
  • Do you offer demo classes?
    Sorry, we do not. Instead when a new child wants to enroll, our mentors like to take the child through some activities to understand the current level of logic and creative ability. This is a very important session for us so that we can give the child and parents the correct advice and recommend the right courses. Every child is different and hence we simply do not recommend anything without the child taking this session.
  • Are you associated with any partners?
    CodeTigers is the First International Partner of in India and one of the largest partners of Raspberry Pi in India.
  • One-to-One classes or peer learning in groups, which one is better for children?
    Whether you choose one-to-one classes or group classes should depend on different aspects such as: Ability of the student Quality/competency of the teacher/mentor Learning objectives or goals Subject being taught Both styles have their advantages over the other. Benefits of one-to-one classes: Personalized learning for the student Customized pace of learning Goal specific learning - example a specific topic in a subject Benefits of group classes: Collaborative peer-to-peer learning is the best thing about group classes and this is especially beneficial for young children because they learn best in a social surrounding. Diverse experiences are brought about in a group class with students from different backgrounds, cultures, etc. Cost-effective - Group classes are almost always going to be more cost effective as compared to one-to-one learning because the cost gets divided across multiple students Quality of teacher/mentor - The quality of mentors is almost always going to be better in a group class as compared to the ones on individual classes simply because it makes more economical sense. We believe both one-to-one or group classes have their pros and cons however in our experience of working with thousands of students, kids learn best in groups with other kids of similar age around them. Peer learning brings out the best in students where they learn to solve the same problem differently and also learn to avoid mistakes that others may have made. Humans have always learnt best in groups even in the top educational institutions around the world. Yet, personalized learning has its own benefits if you can find a motivated and exceptional teacher for the student. Finally, we believe, children should get an opportunity to learn from the best teachers, irrespective of the size of the class.
  • What is the Hour of Code?
    The Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science with a special focus on code. It is the flagship event of and is the largest learning event in the history of mankind. Over 100 million students across 180+ countries have joined this global movement.
  • Where is CodeTigers located?
    We are physically based out of New India, India and have a modern, kid-friendly studio here.
  • Do I need to give a laptop to my child for coding classes?
    Yes, we recommend that the kids bring a laptop/iPad/tablet with updated Chrome or Firefox browsers for their coding classes. Any basic device with the above feature should be fine. We provide free wifi access to all students.
  • How much time should the child spend coding?
    We recommend that the child should not spend more than 1-2 hours in a week practicing code. This helps the child balance his other interests and academics as well as limits his screen time.
  • Do you give any homework?
    Yes we do however the intensity varies for each course and grade level.
  • Do you have exams?
    Yes we do have assessments regularly based on the grade-level and course that the child is enrolled in.
  • How are the classes conducted?
    We believe code is best learnt collaboratively. Our classes are informal and fun where students learn with students of similar ages. The class sizes are deliberately kept small to provide individual attention yet collaborative learning experience. We provide both offline and online classroom experiences.
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