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LEARN Scratch & Python this summer break

For All Middle & High School Students

Summer of Code is a Summer Camp with focus on teaching Code to young learners.

This year's Summer of Code focuses on Middle School and High School students.


Summer of Code - Scratch - Grades 6 & above


In this program, students will be introduced to Scratch - a programming language created by MIT to introduce young learners to Code.


Scratch helps students exhibit creativity, develop reasoning and work collaboratively with others - all important life skills for the 21st century. 100s of millions of learners use Scratch across 150 countries. In addition to basic Scratch, it also supports some wonderful plugins which help make the learning experience very enjoyable. 


It is recommended by CBSE in India.

Summer of Code - Python - Grades 8 & above


This program focuses on introducing Python to young learners.


Python is a high level programming language that is easy to learn due to its simpler syntax. It is in great demand due to its wide ranging applications from web development to data science to software development. Whether you want to make a career as a software developer or learn programming as an additional skill set, people with knowledge of Python are always in great demand.

CBSE recommends it as part of the school curriculum.

At CodeTigers, students are encouraged to learn Computer Science with a strong focus on Code. We believe that every child should spend at least 1 hour each week practicing Code. Our students build a strong foundation in code through block-based coding platforms such as and Scratch and then move to more complex platform such as MIT App Inventor, Machine Learning and Python.


CodeTigers is the First International Partner of in India.

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"In fifteen years we will be teaching programming just like reading and writing...and wondering why we didn't do it sooner."

-Mark Zuckerberg, Founder, Facebook

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