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Mother's Day 2020 - 8 kids - 8 different stories

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Mother's Day is always special.

This year was extra-special for us.

We encouraged our students to express the love for their mothers by creating projects in Scratch.

They loved the idea and got to work. Showcased below are some of the marvellous projects that our kids created.

The projects were created on Scratch. Scratch is a programming language created by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at MIT's Media Lab.

Using Scratch, young learners can create their own interactive stories, projects, games and animation.

It helps them think creatively, work collaboratively and develop reasoning skills - essential life skills for the 21st century.

Please click on the "Green Flag" in the project to run/play them.

All these projects are best viewed on a bigger screen such as a laptop, desktop or tablet.


Amitoje is a student of Class 11 and has been coding for sometime.

His projects have very creative and interesting storylines.

In this project, he has shown how we can use speech to text extension of Scratch and make our stories more impactful.

Don't forget to turn on the sound for this one.


Saveer is an 8th grader & has been coding for over few years now.

He is very good with special effects and loves to mix add-ons to his projects.

His use of speech to text and fireworks to this story make it special.

Try pressing the Spacebar, Up and Left arrow keys while enjoying Saveer's work of art. Make sure your speakers are on.


Joy is another wonderful and joyous coder from Grade 8.

He has been with CodeTigers for sometime now and loves to put his thoughts into creative stories.

In this project he has used the text to speech block to good use as well as changed the backgrounds when needed. Turn on the volume and enjoy.


Achint is one of our high school coders and loves creating challenging projects.

In this project, he has dedicated and narrated an entire poem for his mother using text to speech blocks.

This out of box thinking is what we love in our young coders.

Do turn on your volume for this lovely narration.


Pranay is an excitable young coder from Grade 8.

He is very creative with his work and loves to show that through his projects.

One of his most endearing qualities is his sincerity towards his work.

Click the green flag to check out his project.


Deep is a high school student who has been with us for sometime.

His sincerity and diligence are a teacher's delight.

We loved this project for the theme he chose in which he is having dialogue with God asking him for his blessings. God blesses him with his Mother.

Turn on your speakers and click the wonderful flag. You are bound to like this one.


Aakarsh is an 8th Grader who loves to express his ideas through Scratch.

In this wonderful mother's day greeting he takes us through his experience of making a mother's day project for his mom as well as baking a cake for her.

Do turn on your volume and hit the green flag to check this one out.


Yashveer is a 7 year old coder from Grade 3.

He has been learning to code for little over an year now.

This is his first attempt at Scratch and we couldn't have hoped for a better project.

For their first project, kids usually create very simple stories with one or maximum 2 characters because the project becomes complex beyond that. Just sit back, relax and go through the narration.

Yashveer has chosen to add 4 characters

to his story including his mom.

In the project, not only is he wishing her for Mother's Day but he also brings along two of his friends.

This is a brilliant first project at such a young age.

One theme - 8 kids - 8 completely different stories

The only idea we gave our students was the theme for Mother's Day. 8 kids made 8 different stories all completely different. This is kind of creativity we love to bring out in every child.

Children in schools today will go on to work in professions of the future that will demand they are skilled differently. While it is hard to guess which professions will be in demand 5-15 years from today, it is absolutely certain that every profession will have an ever increasing dependence on computer science or code. Knowing how to code will always give them an edge making them creators rather than users of technology.

Every child should get an opportunity to learn Code.

We hope you loved these projects which not just helped convey a child's love for their mother but also helped them learn Code, an essential skill for the 21st century.

Encourage your child to try. It will help them prepare better for the future ahead.

Feel free to share and comment. We love your feedback.


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May 14, 2020

Such a wonderful job you're doing here! Learning while have fun. In this way it will always encourage the students to do different activities in more meaningful and fun way. Love it💙


I salute all the wonderful kids who are coping up so well with this lockdown...they are full of energy and consistently trying to channelise their energies in the best form. Well done kiddos for making such beautiful projects for your mother's on this special occasion "mother's Day".


Dear Niranjana,

Excellent post 👌 Very encouraging for kids.

Gourish was also trying to read..Lol.

I found it very interesting and useful for kids/students.

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